The greatest date format. I use it. Here’s why you should too.

  1. People from every country can easily understand it.
    3/6/2018 is March in the U.S. but June in Europe. Why are you making things confusing when you could make them simple?
  2. If you add it to the beginning of file names, they sort themselves!
    Makes files easier to find. Plus the dates don’t get rewritten when you email the file to someone else.
  3. It’s been the ISO standard since 1976.
    Originally introduced in ISO 2014 (1976) which was then superseded by ISO 8601 (1988) which unified and replaced a collection of older ISO standards on date and time notation.
  4. It’s easy!
    You can write it on paper and type it on computers. There’s nothing fancy involved. So start using it today!